ENT 610 Greatest Marketing Campaigns

ENT 610: Radio Advertisement Analysis – Week 2

Greatest Marketing Campaigns Assignment

Radio Advertisement Analysis – Week 2

ENT 610

By: Mackensie Jimison



  1. Listened to the ad: McGrath Pest Control


Description: McGrath Pest Control, the speaker appears to be the owner and the one who started his own business. He starts by telling his life story about how he became to hate insects. At first it seems very serious and it really grabs your attention. Then it turns funny, but the speaker is still sounding very serious, as he goes into detail about how he will do whatever it takes to kill bugs, and how it is his sole goal in life to killing every living insect on the planet. I really liked this commercial because it was very attention grabbing and entertaining, and made you want to listen to the whole commercial. He appealed to the audience through humor while also showing dedication to his business.

Objective: The objective of this commercial is to get more customers by getting people to want McGrath Pest Control to come to their house to kill all the living insects. I think it was a very effective technique and I would want McGrath as my pest control company, because they seem so dedicated to their work. He says in the commercial “give me the honor of killing bugs in your house”, which makes you feel like you want to do that for him.

Target Market: Everyone, every home owner that needs pest control services in the Houston area.

Action of the Customer: The action of the customer is to call McGrath to set up a pest control service appointment for their home. Benefits the customer with great pest control service.


  1. Listened to the ad: Miller Lite


Description: Miller Lite commercial, funny and the voice is strong and makes you listen. It says do the right thing and choose Miller Lite, not the wrong thing, and lists all of these wrong things that are very funny. It makes you want to listen to the whole commercial because you want to hear all the funny wrong things, even though they have nothing to do with Miller Lite.

Objective: The objective is to get more customers to choose Miller Lite over other beers, and to have the mindset from this commercial, I want to make the right choice.

Target Market: Everyone that drinks cost efficient name brand beer.

Action of the customer: Action of the customer is to make the “right choice” and choose Miller Lite, over other generic name brand beers of similar price and quality. Benefits the customer by choosing the right beer that is affordable and all their peers will think they made “the right choice”.


  1. Listened to the ad: Lipton Green Tea


Description: Lipton Green Tea, they ask all different types of people what they think of Lipton Green Tea and they all respond the same way “mmmmm”, but in different ways according to the culture. Which in the end turns into a song. They are trying to create humor while getting people to think Lipton Green Tea = mmmmm.

Objectives: To tell customers that everyone likes Lipton Green Tea, so logically they would like it as well. To get more customers and sell more Green Tea.

Target Market: Everyone that buys tea, to get them to buy Lipton over other brands. Appealing specifically to customers who like Green Tea.

Action of the Customer: For the customer to buy Lipton Green Tea. Benefit for the customer is being satisfied with this brand of tea.


  1. Listened to the ad: M&Ms


Description: M&Ms commercial, starts out saying that you love chocolate and you love M&Ms but you haven’t been buying them because you have grown out of the taste from your childhood. And they introduce M&Ms for adults, dark chocolate M&Ms. The appeal is created through humor while being informative. If you don’t choose to buy M&Ms anymore maybe you will now that we are offering dark chocolate M&Ms.

Objectives: To inform customers of a new product available to them. To get adults to think twice about why they are not buying M&Ms, and to think maybe I would like dark chocolate better.

Target Market: To appeal to adults who do not buy M&Ms anymore.

Action of the Customer: To get customers to buy M&Ms and try the new dark chocolate M&Ms that appeal more to adults taste buds. Benefits the customer by getting them to like chocolate again, by providing a type of chocolate that the customer may like better than regular milk chocolate M&Ms.


  1. Listened to the ad: Subway


Description: Subway commercial tells the story of Jack and the bean stalk and skips to the part with the giant. And asks Jack what kind of sandwich he has and he says pastrami and offers to trade for the goose that lays the golden eggs, and the giant says it’s a deal. Uses humor by retelling a well-known story with their product.

Objective: To inform customers of their new sandwich that is available, and get customers interested in the new pastrami sandwich at Subway. To get into the mindset from the commercial, if it’s big enough for a giant it’s big enough for me.

Target Market: Everyone that likes Subway, and would enjoy a pastrami sandwich.

Action of Customer: To get a pastrami sandwich from Subway. Benefits the customer that hot pastrami sandwiches are available at Subway for those who like hot pastrami sandwiches.



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One thought on “ENT 610: Radio Advertisement Analysis – Week 2

  1. Great job on your analysis 🙂 I think that M & M commercial is speaking to me! I don’t think I even knew they had dark chocolate. I’m going to have to look for them now. I did have a bit of difficulty reading in certain areas due to the back ground picture. Maybe add a solid or semi-transparent color block that you can still see the background through but makes the reading a little easier on the eyes…


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