ENT 610 Greatest Marketing Campaigns

ENT 610 – TV Advertisement Analysis

Greatest Marketing Campaigns Assignment

TV Advertisement Analysis – Week 3

ENT 610

By Mackensie Jimison


  1. Watched ad: IKEA small spaces – small ideas



Description: IKEA using ideas of how to make more use of small spaces, by using their spaces saving products. They give several examples of living situations, which could possibly be their customers living situations. And they give tips and information on how to make better use of smaller spaces. When I was looking at the situations that they showed I thought they were a bit ridiculous, I think they are over exaggerating the space situation to show customers, if these people could do it in this small of space you could make more room in your small space.


Objective: The objective is to get more customers to buy IKEA products. They are using a technique of showing the customer tip and ideas on how to transform their living space into a more functional space saving home.


Target Market: The target market is everyone that is trying to create more space in their home. It is mostly directed towards people who are living in tiny home environments, or want to downsize to a tiny home environment. I also think the target market is directed toward people with lower income that want to save money by living in smaller spaces and the IKEA commercial makes it look doable and fun.


Action of the customer: The action of the customer is to buy more IKEA furniture and the customer will benefit by transforming their small living space into a bigger living space, with IKEA’s space saving furniture.


  1. Watched ad: MINI USA



Description: MINI USA, car commercial, the theme is to defy labels by owning this car. It shows all different types of people who own or would own this car. Trying to prove to society that it’s not a certain type of person that will buy a MINI, it’s any and every one.


Objectives: To get customers to buy a MINI USA. That they will be defying labels if they own and MINI USA.


Target Market: Everyone that is looking for a new car, but especially people who like MINIs but think by society’s norms it is not normal for them to buy a MINI.


Action of the customer: To buy a MINI USA. The benefit to the customer is to stand apart from whatever label society has put on you and make you non-label able because you own a MINI USA.


  1. Watched ad: WiiU



Description: WiiU advertised during the Sochi 2014 winter Olympics. Trying to show that a video game can be a family event, bring the family together and be active. In order to get the video game that is interactive you need to buy the video game console, WiiU, and the game. So they are advertising for two products in one commercial.


Objectives: Showing a family having fun playing a video game, trying to get the customer to believe their family could have fun playing that game as well, and be just like the family in the commercial.


Target Market: Families and mostly children, to tell their parents that they want this game and the whole family could play and that it might bring them closer together.


Action of the customer: To buy video game console WiiU and video game, Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympics. The benefit to the customer is to spend quality time with your family while being interactive at the same time.


  1. Watched ad: Mercedes-Benz



Description: Mercedes-Benz, portraying this car as the dream car to go with your dream life. It says “you found the love of your dreams and now you’ve had the kid of your dreams and now you can put them in the car of your dreams.” At an affordable price. The commercial ending with their slogan, “the best or nothing.”


Objectives: To get the customer to think their life will be perfect and complete with this car.


Target Market: Everyone that is looking for a car that is affordable and probably needs a small family car. Appealing towards mostly small families, moms and dads.


Action of the customer: To buy a Mercedes-Benz, this would benefit this customer by completing their dreams by buying their dream car that is now affordable for the customer.


  1. Watched ad: USA Gymnastics Club



Description: USA Gymnastics Club for kids to develop their potential and you may never know how far it will go. Shows little girl swinging on a bar, then shows her in gymnastics class developing her talent and so happy. Every parent wants their child to be happy and for them to find their talents.


Objectives: To get more customers by encouraging parents to sign their kids up for the USA Gymnastics Club.


Target Market: The target market is parents and kids.


Action of the customer: To get parents to sign their kids up for the USA Gymnastics Club. This will benefit the customer by getting their child active and giving their child the opportunity to explore their possible hidden talent in gymnastics.

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