ENT 610 Greatest Marketing Campaigns

Newsprint Advertisement Analysis – Week 4

Greatest Marketing Campaigns Assignment

Newsprint Advertisement Analysis – Week 4

ENT 610

By Mackensie Jimison


  1. Newsprint Ad: Xtermite    


Description: Xtermite is advertising for their new product orange oil. Listing the benefits of orange oil for the customer. They used the colors orange to demonstrate the orange oil and green to symbolize nature. The words are in white and orange to stand out. They also emphasize that they don’t tent and that you don’t have to leave your home while they do the treatment, showing that it is a safe and natural product.

Objective: The objective is to gain more customers through their new product of orange oil. By enticing customers through the hassle free guarantee and the clean orange scent.

Target Market:  The target market is anyone who is looking for pest control specifically for termites that is safe and where you don’t have to leave your home.

Action of the customer: To call and sign up for an orange oil treatment to get rid of termites in your home.

Resource: http://local.sandiegouniontribune.com/places/view/27011/xtermite_natural_termite_control.html


  1. Newsprint Ad: O’Brien’s Boulangerie


Description: O’Brien’s Boulangerie is advertising their promotion of buy 1 sandwich get 1 50% off. The ad also shows that O’Brien’s has the best sourdough bread in San Diego as well as being a retail and wholesale bakery that has been family owned for 26 years. They display a picture of one of their sandwiches to entice customers to come to O’Brien’s. Also using the color yellow which is supposed to increase appetite and the color that makes you think of natural and authentic products.

Objective: The objective is to gain more customers through their promotion of buy 1 get 1 50% off. Trying to get more customers to come in by the expiration date on the coupon.

Target Market: The target market is anyone who likes sandwiches and bread. Since it is only open Monday through Friday 6AM to 4PM, I would say the target market is more non-working class. But could appeal to working class during their lunch breaks as well.

Action of the customer: To go to O’Brien’s Bakery for lunch, and use your buy 1 get 1 free coupon to purchase more than one sandwich.

Resource: http://local.sandiegouniontribune.com/places/view/27020/o_briens_boulangerie.html


  1. Newsprint Ad: Newman Replacement Windows


Description: Newman Replacement Windows advertises with a free in-home estimate as well as $25 instant rebate per window. Newman Replacement Windows displays themselves as the trusted source for windows and doors. They entice the customer with a bright and airy window setting and also a picture of double doors with windows.

Objective: Their objective is to attract more customers through their deals of free in-home estimate and $25 instant rebate per window. As well as mentioning their features of most installations done in one day, convenient schedule, and honest value.

Target Market: Anyone needing window replacements in their home. One location is open on Saturdays to be available to the working class.

Action of the customer: To call Newman Replacement Windows to schedule an appointment and get a free in-home estimate.

Resource: http://local.sandiegouniontribune.com/places/view/26969/newman_replacement_windows_.html


  1. Newsprint Ad: Sullivan Solar Power


Description: Sullivan Solar Power advertising by making it sound urgent, saying “Last Call” and “sign up immediately”.  They are saying customers need to hurry because there is a limited amount of solar systems that can be installed under the current rules. They are also marketing by advertising no money down, $1,000 cash back and 20 years of solar savings. The colors they use are orange/yellow to symbolize the sun power, and red to show that it is urgent.

Objective: The objective is gain more customers through this idea that solar power rules are going to change and you don’t know what that could mean for obtaining solar power and at what price.

Target Market: The market is anyone who is wanting to get solar power installed in their home, to cut down on the power bills. Sullivan Solar Power entices customers through their slogan line of “Leading the Solar Energy Revolution”.

Action of the customer: The customer needs to call the number in order to “sign up immediately!”

Resource: http://local.sandiegouniontribune.com/places/view/26964/sullivan_solar_power.html


  1. Newsprint Ad: All About Plumbing


Description: All About Plumbing shows a baby with a white background on their ad. Which is displaying that they are clean and healthy company that will keep your family safe. The red and black writing is meant to stand out to the customer. They are offering a special of $79 to have any drained cleared. They list all of their areas of expertise and contact information. Their slogan being “Plumbing Is All We’re About”, trying to say that they are experts in their line of work.

Objective: Is to obtain more customers through their ad, and to entice them with the deal of $79 to clear any drain.

Target Market: The target market is directed towards people with families, but also anyone that needs plumbing services.

Action of the customer: To call All About Plumbing if they need plumbing services for any of the following, drain clogged, emergency water damage restoration, faucets, toilets, and water heaters.

Resource: http://local.sandiegouniontribune.com/places/view/27004/all_about_plumbing.html




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One thought on “Newsprint Advertisement Analysis – Week 4

  1. Mackensie,

    Good analysis!

    I liked how you explained every detail in the ads: color, picture, writing, background. When I saw the ad about plumbing, my first thought was “What’s plumbing got to do with a baby?” But after reading your ad description, it became obvious why.
    O’Brien’s Boulangerie sandwich looks very tasty and unusual because of its bread. It made me want to try it. It’s a shame they are in San Diego) You’re right, yellow color does increases an appetite.


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