ENT 610 Greatest Marketing Campaigns

Magazine Advertisement Analysis – Week 5


Greatest Marketing Campaigns Assignment

Magazine Advertisement Analysis – Week 5

ENT 610

By Mackensie Jimison


  1. Skechers Shape- Ups


Description: Skechers Shape-Ups, advertises that by wearing their shoes you don’t need to go to the gym, you can lose weight, get toned, and improve posture by wearing these shoes. Their tag line is “Get in shape without setting foot in a gym.” Using foot as a play on words. The ad shows legs running with the shoe on and writing on the leg to catch your eye. They also use pink and white words to stand out and match the shoe in the picture. They show reviews at that bottom, proving that customers like their product.

Objective: The objective is to make customers aware of their new product and how effective it is. They are also letting the customer know that it is available at Famous Footwear.

Target Market: The target market is women who are wanting to get toned legs and lose weight but don’t have time to go to the gym because they are always on the run. If they just wear these shoes they could get toned by just doing their normal day to day things. Notice that all the reviews are written by women as well. And words are in pink.

Action for customer: The action for the customer is to buy the new product, and the benefit to the customer would be to get toned legs and improve posture without going to the gym.

Resource: https://www.behance.net/gallery/Shape-Ups-Ad-Redesign/2631113


  1. McDonalds


Description: McDonalds is wanting customers to know that they have Wi-Fi available for them. In their ad they used french fries for the image of the Wi-Fi signal. It says “love free Wi-Fi” at the bottom under the M, where it normally says “lovin’ it”. This was an ad from Sydney, Australia.

Objective: To make customers aware that they are now offering Wi-Fi in hopes to attract more customers that can work while they grab something to eat.

Target Market: The target market is anyone that uses Wi-Fi while out to eat, such as students or working professionals.

Action for the customer: Go to McDonalds to get free Wi-Fi while you get something to eat. This will benefit the customer if they need somewhere to work on something while they can also get a snack or meal.

Resource: http://www.boredpanda.com/creative-print-ads/?image_id=creative-print-ads-48.jpg


  1. GE Cafe Refrigerator 


Description: GE Café Refrigerator is a Canadian ad. This fire breathing penguin is meant to show that this refrigerator has a hot and cold water dispenser. That the refrigerator is still as cold as Antarctica while also having hot water available.

Objective: The objective is to visually display that capabilities of this refrigerator and let customers know of this new option available in the GE Café Refrigerator. To gain more customers through this new feature.

Target Market: The target market is everyone who is looking to buy a new refrigerator, to get this one because of the new feature GE Café Refrigerator has available with hot and cold water dispenser.

Action for the customer: To buy the GE Café Refrigerator, this will benefit the customer by being able to have hot and cold water available immediately.

Resource: http://www.creativebloq.com/advertising/30-best-print-ads-2014-121413769 


  1. Coaching-Canin.com


Description: Coaching-Canin.com, dog training lessons. This advertisement shows a dog restraining himself when no human is around. This is to show that even though the dog really wants to do something it has been trained to know that is wrong and will stop itself, even when there is no human around to tell it no.

Objective: The objective is to get more customers for coaching-canin, by showing them how effective this dog training can be.

Target Market: Anyone who has a dog that needs training lessons, particularly new dog owners.

Action for the customer: The action for the customer is to go to coaching-canin.com and sign up for dog training lessons. This will benefit the customer by resulting in a well-trained dog.

Resource: http://www.topdesignmag.com/40-examples-of-clever-print-ads/


  1. Crisol Bookstore


Description: Crisol bookstore is presenting an ad made to look like Harry Potter, with the tagline, “Imagine him as you wish. Read.” This is meant to encourage readers, that even if you have seen the movies you can still “imagine him as you wish” when you read. This is clearly not the Harry Potter from the movies, and to be wearing a leather jacket and riding a motorcycle is not how he was portrayed in the movies. I have read all the books, and enjoyed them more than the movies.

Objective: The objective is to encourage readers to read more. To come to the Crisol bookstore and buy books. Because with books you can let your imagination run wild, that you can’t do with movies.

Target Market: Readers, but particularly young readers, to keep their imagination alive.

Action for the customer: To go to Crisol bookstore and buy books that will strike the customers imagination.

Resource: http://www.topdesignmag.com/40-examples-of-clever-print-ads/



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