ENT 610 Greatest Marketing Campaigns

Outdoor Advertisement Analysis – Week 6

Greatest Marketing Campaigns Assignment

Outdoor Advertisement Analysis – Week 6

ENT 610

By Mackensie Jimison


  1. Mammoth Mountain


Description: Billboard for Mammoth Mountain promoting for people to come to Mammoth Mountain for skiing and snowboarding. Billboard is made to look like the half pipe, with a snowboarder jumping off the top of it. I am from northern California and I love snow skiing, I think this billboard is really creative and makes you feel like you are actually there. It’s very enticing to those who enjoy snowboarding and skiing.

Objective: To get snowboarders and skiers to go to Mammoth Mountain for their winter ski and board trips.

Target Market: The target market is skiers and snowboarders who are looking for a ski resort to go to for their winter vacation.

Action of the customer: The action of the customer is to go snowboarding or skiing at Mammoth Mountain.

Resource: http://writtenbyallof.us/2009/01/20/3-fun-and-engaging-uses-of-outdoor-advertising/


  1. McDonalds

apple pie

Description: McDonalds billboard of a hot apple pie that is one of six items on the $3 or less menu. The pie show hot and steam coming out. While it is on both ends of yacht, this is meant to catch people’s attention. Saying hot yacht pie is not on the menu.

Objective: The objective is to catch people’s attention and for the customer to think well I would like a nice hot apple pie for $3 or less. The purpose of this is to let customers know about this item and how much it costs.

Target Market: The target market is mostly McDonald’s customers, but also directed towards anyone who would enjoy apple pie.

Action of the customer: The action is for the customer to go to McDonalds to get an apple pie, and most likely while they are there they will buy others items as well.

Resource: https://sejalfalgotha.wordpress.com/2014/09/23/outdoor-advertising/


  1. Click it or Ticket for Texas

click it

Description: click it or ticket Texas, promoting staying save and remembering to buckle your seatbelt. They encourage this through this display of real car that was totaled and looks to have been T-boned. The ad says “They buckled up and lived.” This is a very effective reminder, that a crash can happen unexpectedly at any time and if you buckle your seatbelt you have a good chance of living through it.

Objective: To make people aware of the dangers if you choose to not buckle your seatbelt, not only will you get a ticket, but if you get in an accident you probably won’t survive. The ad is meant to protect people and keep them safe by enforcing the click it or ticket law.

Target Market: Everyone! Everyone when they are in a car.

Action of the customer: The action of the customer is to put your seatbelt on everytime you get in a car, in order to protect yourself from getting hurt or getting a ticket.

Resource: http://asdoc.info/tag/outdoor-ads


  1. SunSmart


Description: Australian ad for SunSmart, the most successful skin cancer prevention program in the world, possibly due to their effective advertisements. This ad says “cutting you sun exposure is easier than cutting out skin cancer.” It shows a person’s back with a big spot that demonstrates cancer. The spot is actually a sunscreen dispenser of 30+ sunscreen, for people to take to help prevent skin cancer. Another prevention that they have displayed on the ad is different ways that you can prevent sunscreen, and it shows this through little pictures. The pictures are of a long-sleeve shirt, sunscreen of 30+, a hat, a tree providing shade, and sunglasses. It also says at the bottom, “There is nothing healthy about a tan protect yourself in five ways from skin cancer.” Showing the five pictures below of the different ways.

Objective: The objective is to get people to wear sunscreen as well as use other ways to protect themselves from getting skin cancer.

Target Market: Everyone that is outside in the sunlight.

Action of the customer: The action is to wear sunscreen and use the advertisements free sunscreen dispenser.

Resource: https://www.aabacosmallbusiness.com/advisor



  1. HotWheels


Description: Hot Wheels advertisement, showing a kid looking down with the Hot Wheels ad under him, he’s looking down at all the real cars below as if they are Hot Wheels. It is a really fun and inventive use of a billboard that is over a bridge.

Objective: The objective is to gain customers by seeing the fun ad, kids will see it and want to be like the kid, and play with Hot Wheels and pretend they are real cars. Adults will also see the ad and remember back to when they had Hot Wheels, and want that for their kids too.

Target Market: The target market is kids, but also big kids (adults).

Action of the customer: The action of the customer is to go buy Hot Wheels for themselves or their kids to play with.

Resource: http://pelfind.net/photo/19013p362567/44-clever-outdoor-advertising-samples



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  1. Mackensie,
    Very interesting billboard ads.
    The advertisings like the “Click it or Ticket” can really save lives.
    Hot Wheels is the best creative ad I’ve ever seen. I love it.
    Your analysis is well written as always. Great job!


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