ENT 630 - Module B

ENT 630 Module B – Customer Service Stories

ENT 630 – Customer Service Stories – Mackensie Jimison

Customer service is a direct reflection of the company. Customers base a company’s quality on their experience. If their experience is positive they will pass it on to their friends which will result in more customers for your company. Also when people have a great customer service experience they will share it on social media and critique sites like yelp, which will also promote your business. It is very important to find employees that are friendly and wanting to help people along with able to handle tough situations.

You can obtain a lot from customer evaluations, such as inspirations and feedback as to what the customer is really looking for. The customer is your number one priority because without them you wouldn’t have a business. So the key is to make them happy and keep them coming back for more. The customer stories in the article “10 stories of unforgettable customer service”, highlighted what an impact you can make on one customer and how that can affect your whole business. It’s almost like free advertising when people post pics of their great customer service such as in the Sainsbury story of renaming the tiger bread to giraffe bread based on a three year old’s advice then it was posted to the mother’s blog who had many followers, getting instant recognition. Or in the Bungie Studios story where they gave a helmet, signed card, shirts and toys to a sick child which lead to a thank you thread from the father with pictures of his happy son with all the gifts from Bungie. It was clear that the employees of Bungie put a lot of effort into making one child happy. That means a lot and speaks volumes of the company when people are treated individually special.

Everyday appreciation of customers also promotes a business. Such as the automotive service in the article that sends out personalized thank you notes to their customers. Making the customer feel like they were individually appreciated and given great service that they know who to go back to and who to talk to and ask for to get that great service. In other stories like Trader Joes delivering to an elderly man before a storm when they don’t deliver, they showed that, “In refusing to let red tape get in the way of a customer in need, Trader Joe’s shows that customer service doesn’t need to be about the fanfare, it can simply be about doing the right thing.”

Even though all these customer service stories are great and is what companies should strive for, you also have to look out for the company’s needs. Prices can’t be lowered to the point that you lose money on a product. For example in the pickle Wal-Mart story, Wal-Mart sold Vlasic’s pickles at an extremely low rate, in order to make Wal-Mart customers happy, but it was at the cost of the Vlasic’s company. I think the key now days is just to provide a friendly environment where customers are treated well, and not to lose money on your product.



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