ENT 645: Likeable Social Media

ENT 645: Likeable Social Media Appendix

ENT 645: Likeable Social Media Appendix

A Refresher Guide to the Social Networks that Matter Most

These days everyone using social media as a resource and a tool for everything. Including finding the right companies to work on your house or find the right furniture all through referrals of what others have found to be the best. All achieved through online networks. Here are those networks and how they can help companies reach their customers and niche target markets.

  1. Facebook
    1. 1 billion users where you can narrow your target market search
    2. Profiles, groups, and pages
      1. Profiles – individual
      2. Groups – groups of individuals
      3. Pages – for businesses
      4. Community pages – pages for common interests and people to connect
      5. Social plugins – websites to add a facebook button which leads to their facebook page
      6. Facebook places – locations connected to the pages and offering discounts for check-in to your location to show all your friends where you are.
      7. Like pages – become a member of that group that is interested in the company

2. Twitter

  1. Real-time communication – customer service
    1. General updates – Followers can read
    2. Replies – only shows to your connected group of followers
    3. Direct messages – private messages

3. Youtube

  1. Demonstrations through video
    1. Showcase products, services, and company
    2. Youtube channels – continuously posting videos from the same company
      1. People can subscribe to your channel

4. Google +

  1. Through your google email
    1. Circles: group chats with certain groups of people
    2. Hangouts: includes up to 9 other participants
      1. Video chat room
        1. People are notified that group video chat is available for them to join

5. Pinterest (pin + interest = pinterest)

  1. Mission “connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting.”
    1. Create boards
    2. Follow – companies or individuals and see their pins
    3. Pins show who the people are behind the brand
    4. Crowdsource – find what customers wants and needs are

6. Instagram

  1. Speaking through pictures – sharing pictures with everyone or your followers
  2. To be used on your phone
  3. Filters – make pictures taken on your phone look like great photography
  4. 80 million users
  5. People follow a company or individual
    1. Photo contests
    2. Individuals can hashtag companies to show them their pictures

7. Foursquare

  1. Checks your location and shows you what is near you
  2. Mostly restaurants

8. LinkedIn

  1. Business development
    1. Connections with professionals and businesses
    2. A business card – showing past experience and business activity
    3. Post jobs for businesses
  1. Tumblr
    1. Microblogging
    2. Text, audio, image, and video in a short blog form
    3. Young demographic – teenage – 20 somethings
    4. Posts can be reposted or liked
    5. Businesses use to connect to the demographic and to build relationships
  2. The Blogoshpere
    1. “A blog is a website or part of a website that features articles or entries displayed in reverse chronological order.”
    2. 150 million blogs
    3. Provide valuable content to a target audience
    4. Successful blogs can include ads or boost other businesses
      1. Business blogs create a space for communication to their customers
      2. Attracts customers through thorough explanation of products and development
      3. Recruiting employees by advertising what your company is all about
      4. Showing your innovation – standing out above the rest
      5. SEO (search engine optimization) – blogs have regular posts and activity, showing 55% more customer traffic of searches.
        1. Posts live forever

11.  Niche Social Networks

  1. Highly targeted niche audiences
  2. There is a community for every interest
    1. Flickr – photos
    2. Myspace – the old facebook
    3. Yelp – rating and reviewing companies and referrals
      1. TripAdvisor
      2. Angie’s List

Social networking is the way for companies to boost their advertising and customer awareness. To identify the target market and reach those target customers who would potentially be interested in your company and product. It is in company’s best interest to be heavily involved in social networking, since the majority of people are in some sort of social networking group, companies and industries can easily advertise and connect to people through the different social networks. It is a door to their audience to show them pictures, videos and explain through blogs about their products and services. This connection to the audience creates a relationship of trust and makes the customer feel comfortable and free to ask questions and receive answers without having to deal with customer service through talking to someone face to face or on the phone. Social networking is now the main way for companies to expand and reach future potential customers.



Kerpen, Dave. (2011) Likeable Social Media – Appendix. McGraw Hill

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