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Direct Tool Response – ENT 645

Direct Response Tool:  http://kensiekreates.com/go/need-a-cake-for-your-upcoming-event/ – scroll to the bottom of the page to view.


The direct response tool was very difficult for me to develop. I would have liked to use the leadpages.net with all the different templates and easy to create pages, but they charged money for every template, even the ones that said free. I didn’t want to pay at this stage where my business is not actually real yet, but once I get to that point I will probably sign up with leadpages.net. I found that you could download a plugin on WordPress called Inbound Now for free, so I tried it. Definitely not very user friendly. It posted the leadpage at the very bottom of the page and I could not add a background picture or any colors. I was able to add my logo at the top. Every time you try to change or add something you have to update it just to see where it put things and how it looked, mine showed that I updated it 15 times. So I feel that this is not up to the standard of what I would want it to be to get customer’s attention.

Clients the used my leadpage direct response tool had suggestions of changes to make it better.

  1. Make it to stand out more and be more attention grabbing
  2. Have it at the very top of the page so you don’t have to scroll down and search for it. Maybe even have it pop up in order to get into the site you have to sign up.
  3. Customers wanted to be emailed a confirmation that they were now subscribed to the page and maybe a coupon or confirmation of being able to receive the free consultation for their cake.
  4. More instructions on how to book a consultation and contact information, maybe sent in the email back.

I would take all of these suggestions and add them to my direct response tool to make it better. I would use a program where I could add a background picture of a cake and make it more appealing. I would have it pop up at the very top of the page but also still allow people to get into the site without signing up. And maybe after they have viewed the site and seen all the great cakes and stories they will feel compelled to sign up for the free consultation. Or maybe they don’t need a cake right now but will keep it in mind for when they do. After they sign up it will email them a confirmation saying:

Thank you for subscribing to Kensie’s Cakes! You will receive a free consultation, good for anytime! Call (##########) or email Kensie’s Cakes at mnjimison@gmail.com to book your FREE consultation! Make sure to mention your free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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