The Innovator's Dilemma by:Clayton Christensen

Professional Presentation/Self-Promotion

Professional Presentation/Self-Promotion

My presentation was on turning a property into an Airbnb to make it an income property. This was based on my experience of recently buying a home with the hopes of turning the downstairs basement into an Airbnb. I pulled my inspiration of decorating ideas from Pinterest and to come up with remodeling ideas to make it a desirable rental for a weekend trip.

My idea started from following a family on Instagram, called the bucket list family, that non-stop travel and go to a different place every week. Each place that they go they book an Airbnb. It is very interesting to see all the different types of homes that are through Airbnb and how nice it is to be staying in a private house versus a hotel, but the cost is equivalent or sometimes even better rate than a hotel.

I came up the idea to turn my downstairs into an Airbnb by having its own separate entrance and private area where they can relax and enjoy their time. I think just like with any real estate location is very important. My Airbnb is a great location very close to campus and easy to find, also in a very quiet neighborhood that does not have young college students living in the area. This would be a great place for people to stay that are coming in for the weekend to watch a football game such as alumni, and this would be a great place for parents to stay when they are dropping their student off at WCU or coming in for parents weekend or graduation. My audience was very receptive to my idea and thought it would be a great idea since there aren’t that many rentals close to campus and the ones that are get all booked up during busy times. Based on my audience response it seems like it would be a great investment and entrepreneurial idea to make income through a property.


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